Xochitl Cabrera

I'm Xochitl Cabrera, a local to Humboldt county, and student at HSU. I currently work at the Womxn's Resource Center, LCAE and a member of Mecha de HSU and Centro Del Pueblo.  I am a CRGS major with an emphasis in Ethnic Studies. My interests consist of community organizing, engaging in ancestral knowledge, learning and teaching through conversations. I am also interested in practicing as well as introducing self care and self love through herbalism and other ancestral methods. I was born in Oaxaca Mexico, but migrated to Fortuna when I was five years old. I am very lucky to live in such a beautiful area, and thankful for all that my family, friends, mentors and peers have done to support my personal and academic growth. 

Xochitl Cabrera is co-host of a weekly local talk show on Radio Bilingüe, Charlando Con la Raza.