My Favorite Lecture: Looting & Destruction - The Politics of Art in Crisis

Nov 24, 2016

Why would invaders bother sacking a museum? Where's the value in plundering art?

Explore the idea of art looting and destruction over time, and understand the significance of such assaults against culture.  

"It's about power," says Humboldt State University's Julie Alderson in this episode of My Favorite Lecture. And while ISIS makes headlines for destroying religious symbols, Alderson scrupulously highlights a few ways conquerors control culture with art. 

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Dr. Julie Alderson, Humboldt State University

But as you'll learn, it's not always a clean line between right and wrong. "Something changes, something's lost, something's gained... it's not always so straightforward that looting and destruction is a bad thing," she says. 

And as you might guess, this is yet more visual radio from My Favorite Lecture. Feel free to peruse some of the visuals in the slideshow above. 

My Favorite Lecture is a collaboration between KHSU, Arcata Main Street, and Humboldt State University.

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