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My Favorite Lecture: The Undiscovered Universe feat. CD Hoyle


"If we look at what makes up the universe, it's a little disturbing," Humboldt State University physicist CD Hoyle told the standing-room-only audience in Arcata. "It turns that most of the universe is dark energy." And we don't know what that is. "And that's a problem." 

Physics has problems, and nature is hinting at mysteries as big as the universe itself.  There are contradictions among major models of nature that are, in Hoyle's opinion, downright embarrassing.

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Credit NASA/WMAP Science team via Wikimedia Commons
Estimated proportions of matter, dark matter and dark energy in the universe according to 5 year WMAP data. Only the fraction of the mass and energy in the universe labeled "atoms" is composed of chemical elements.

In tonight’s episode of My Favorite Lecture, Hoyle explores the Undiscovered Universe. Dark matter, big bang cosmology, dark energy, gravity - how do we make sense of it all? Hoyle walks you through "some of the big unanswered questions that keep us in business."

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Show notes and images referenced:

The Four Fundamental Forces of Nature
Abundance of known elements in the universe

Credit NASA/Wikimedia Commons
Big Bang expansion map

Gravitional Lensing

Credit NASA
Gravitational lensing creates celestial smiley face