Live Your Language

  • Hosted by Leo Canez
  • Local Host Kayla Begay
  • Local Anchor Jessica Eden

In many ways, language expresses worldview. For your culture to be alive, it's important for your language to be alive. 

Live Your Language shares and celebrates the Native languages of northwestern California.

This program made possible in part by a grant from the
HSU Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Hupa Tribe

Kayla Begay provides this segment of Live Your Language

In Hupa: see you later,  "nuniwhtsis-te"

Linguist Susan Gehr shares a bit of Karuk language. "A'ama" means salmon. Susan provides cultural context and examples of the use of the Karuk word for salmon. 

Live Your Language Alliance

In many ways, language expresses worldview.

Leo Canez introduces us to the meaning and useage of 'Ayekwee' (Oyekwee) in the Yurok language.