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Sense Of Community Drew Musician Jenn Adams Back To Montana


Well, let's move from an artist with Appalachian roots to a singer-songwriter who lives in the Bitterroot Valley here in the state of Montana. We're broadcasting from the Feed Cafe in Bozeman, and artist Jenn Adams has been performing music all morning. She's great, isn't she?


GREENE: Hey, Jenn.

JENN ADAMS: Good morning.

GREENE: So you told me something when we were here, right before you started playing - you learned to play music before - well before you ever learned to read or write well?

ADAMS: It's true. I got a guitar in my hands when I was about 6 and grew up with a learning challenge. I didn't really read to learn - or learn to read and write until I got to college here in Montana.

GREENE: Years after playing music very well.

ADAMS: Oh, yeah, yeah. I played all through growing up and high school and junior high and into college.

GREENE: Well, you left to get musical training in Boston. What brought you back here?

ADAMS: Well, I just - I love Montana. I love the people, I love the landscape. I love feeling a part of a community, and we are very community driven here I think.

GREENE: I've heard that as I've been talking to people about politics for the last week or so. Do you have a song that you want to sort of introduce and play us out here?

ADAMS: Sure. This is called "Everything Good."

(Singing) Make my living out on the water like my father before. And in the tow away with a heavy load, well I am bound Vashon shore. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.