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Thursday Night Talk: How to House the Houseless

Everyone has the right to safe, legal shelter with dignity and respect... a guiding principal of the organization, Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives:  

"How we work together is as important as what we create in together. We are striving to develop collaborative individuals and communities as we build affordable homeless housing alternatives. All are welcome to join us. AHHA is made up of a Board of Directors, Working Groups/Committees who work with each other and the larger Humboldt community on selecting sites, outreach, fundraising, media and reaching our goals, whether longer term or more short term, like creating sanctuary camps and micro housing villages."

On the next Thursday Night Talk, join host Brenda Starr with guests Nezzie Wade and Edie Jessup as we seek solutions to homelessness. Tune in May 26 beginning at 7.

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