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Rain Catchment Tour

As the drought pushes water security to the forefront of Californian priorities, how can you make the most of the rain that falls on your roof?  

Marlon Gil from the Humboldt Permaculture Guild was on the KHSU Homepage to discuss two upcoming rain catchment tours. [The Tuesday tour is sold out, and they've added a Thursday tour.]

From the Humboldt Permaculture Guild:

The Humboldt Permaculture Guild invites the community to visit a local homestead in Freshwater to see what integrated rainwater and grey water design looks like. Attendees will get to see multiple rainwater catchment and grey water systems that are focused on lo-tech easy to build design strategies that make using rainwater and grey water safe, practical and fun. Space and parking is limited for this event so please RSVP or 407-0550. Free.

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