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Episode 737: 17 Deals In 17 Minutes

We love deals. Deals in every sense of the word. Discounts. Devil's bargains. Sketchy transactions. We love that feeling you get when you've gotten a good deal. A feeling of victory. We also like that deals are complicated. They're more than math and numbers. They're about relationships. Emotions. Trust.

So we bring you deals: Deals from a spy and from an ice cream truck operator; Deals that require nine relatives and 87 trips to the bank; Deals you can use in your own life; Deals that you might not want to repeat. And a deal on the Planet Money T-Shirt that explains why so many goods are priced down to an oddly specific price like $12.11.

Today on the show we squeeze more stories into a single episode than ever before. Stories about all kinds of deals from all over the world.We bring you 17 deals in 17 minutes — not counting the credits, the ad or the intro. Go with it.

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