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Through The Eyes of Women: Loves, Losses & Liberation Of Joan Rivers


  Her life was a dramatic roller-coaster of triumphant highs and devastating lows: the suicide of her husband, her feud with Johnny Carson, her estrangement from her daughter, her many plastic surgeries, her ferocious ambition and her massive insecurities. But Rivers’ career was also hugely significant in American cultural history, breaking down barriers for her gender and pushing the boundaries of truth-telling for women in public life.

Leslie Bennetts has created a juicy, poignant look at comedy royalty with her new book about Joan Rivers , Last Girl Before Freeway-The Life, Loves, Losses And Liberation Of Joan Rivers.

  Bennetts writes, “This book is dedicated to everyone who lost love or work or money or success or youth or beauty or hope: may Joan’s indomitable spirit encourage you in your bleakest hours, inspire you to triumph over any odds, and remind you to keep your sense of humor along the way-as it has done for me.”
Leslie Bennetts is also the author of The Feminine Mistake: Are We Giving Up Too Much?, the groundbreaking bestseller that looks at women’s lives and the price they – and their families – pay when they leave the workforce.
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