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Through The Eyes of Women: Laura Lamers on Living With Breast Cancer


  When you’ve been treated for Stage 3 breast cancer in 2010 with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, and you think you’re done,  what do you do 7 years later when you’re hit with a recurrence that’s even worse, stage 4 with metastasis to bone and liver?  

That’s what Laura Lamers has to deal with and she refuses to capitulate.

Resourceful, imaginative, strong, persistent, artistic-these are all characteristics describe Laura.  Laura is determined to beat the odds with a combination of Western allopathic medicine and herbal supplements, vitamins, a vegan diet, and complementary treatments such as acupuncture and massage. Most importantly, Laura believes deep in her soul that she is going to beat the onslaught of cancer cells and live to tell the story.  “If you think you’re going to die, you will.” That’s not a thought that Laura allows to enter her consciousness.
You would think that living with cancer is a full-time job, but Laura is also the owner of North Coast Knittery, a unique shop in Old Town Eureka that encourages all knitters from beginners to advanced to gather together to learn, create, share techniques and designs, undo mistakes and select patterns and yarns all under the tutelage of Laura and her very experienced, supportive staff.

North Coast Knittery

Laura’s two children and her husband have accompanied her throughout this challenging odyssey.  She shares her thoughts and feelings not only to reinforce her own beliefs but to help others on similar journeys.

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