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David Josiah Lawson Radio Town Hall

Lorna Bryant hosted a special Race Beat Radio town hall.

Local officials, Humboldt State representatives and spokesmen from the HSU organization, Brothers United, provided official statements related to the David Josiah Lawson murder case to quell fears, rumors and misinformation.

The purpose of this program is to provide the community with factual information.
Participants (by order of appearance):
Maggie Fleming, Humboldt County District Attorney
Tom Chapman, Arcata Police Chief
Alex Foster, HSU student and Brothers United member 
Elijah Chandler, HSU student and Brothers United member
Keion Morgan, Brothers United Founder (2005)

Craig Wruck, University Avancement VP
Donn Peterson, HSU Unviversity Police Chief
Kenya James Nunley, HSU African American Center for Academic Excellence Coordinator

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