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Artwaves: Subjective Realities in Arcata

Facebook, The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary  presents “Subjective Realities”, sculptural works by Benjamin Funke and students from College of the Redwoods and Humboldt State University. The show, opening Friday for Arts Arcata, incorporates 3D design across a wide range of media. 

"We wanted the show to have a broad title, and we felt that subjective realities could be applied to each person's own viewpoint and still have room to play wth each person's viewpoint," Funke tells Wendy Butler. Funke is joined by Carissa Clark and Kody Barnes for this episode of Artwaves.

Participating Artists:

  • Benjamin Funke
  • Sam Harvey
  • Julie Fleck
  • Andrew Soto
  • Shane Donaldson
  • Kody Barnes
  • Colette Beaupre
  • Carissa Lillian Clark
  • William Conn
  • Erin Flyer
  • Craig Howarth
  • Anaïs Austin
  • Hannah Benini
  • Meyer Thompson
  • Erin Urbanus
  • Nick Hemphill
  • Jillian Rammell
  • Michael Rude
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