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Through The Eyes of Women: Hormones and Healthy Periods


Do you know what your period is trying to tell you? Dr. Lara Briden has been working in women’s health for almost 20 years. She runs a busy natural hormone clinic in Sydney, Australia –  where she successfully and naturally treats PCOS, PMS, endometriosis and many other period problems.

In her new book, Period Repair Manual, Dr. Briden sheds some light on everything from how birth control pills affect your body and your period to the importance of hormone health. She says that understanding your period means understanding your health and that no matter your age or situation, it’s time to get to know your period.
Find out why so many teenagers are taking the Pill and what Dr. Briden says they should be doing for birth control. Also, can diet fix PMS? You’ll find out that and more on this episode of Through The Eyes of Women.
This episode originally aired in March 2015 and appeared here first. 
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