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Contra Costa County Anticipates ‘Huge Surge’ of Thanksgiving Infections; First Vaccine Doses Due

Contra Costa County’s Public Health Officer, Dr. Chris Farnitano, told the county Board of Supervisors Tuesday that the number of COVID-19 patients sick enough to be hospitalized has tripled in the past month.

County data shows there are currently about 45 ICU beds available.  Farnitano said the county has surge bed capacity. But he said, “If my loved one was needing an ICU-level care and needing to be on a ventilator, I’d like them to be treated in an ICU, and not in in something was not originally built and designed and set up to be an ICU.”

He urged residents to take the latest stay-at-home order seriously. Based on an early look at the impact of the Thanksgiving holiday, Farnitano said it looks like there may be a “huge surge” of new infections from the long weekend.

Meanwhile, the county expects it could receive a shipment of  less than 10,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine next week. Farnitano said a second, larger shipment is expected about three weeks after that.

You can read the Contra Costa County vaccination plan here.

—Polly Stryker (@harmrashaar)

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