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By The People: The Plight of Farmers in India Hits Home for Thousands in the Bay

This is the fourth episode of By The People, The Bay podcast’s new series highlighting the way democracy shows up in the places around us, and how we can all plug in.

It’s been called one of the biggest protests the world has ever seen. Farmers in India have been protesting for months over new agriculture laws passed by the Indian Parliament in September, which farmers feel would destroy their livelihoods.

People around the world are showing solidarity with them, including here in the Bay Area. On Dec. 5, some thousands of protestors led by Sikh Americans — many who have personal connections to what’s happening in India — marched to the Indian Consulate in San Francisco, using the Bay Area as a platform to help boost awareness abroad.

Guest: Lakshmi Sarah, KQED reporter

Read the transcript here.

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