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San Francisco Teacher’s Union: Deal Reached to Bring High School Seniors Back

The San Francisco teacher’s union says it reached an agreement Friday on bringing high school seniors back into classrooms starting May 14.

United Educators of San Francisco President Susan Solomon said in a statement that the union made the proposal to the San Francisco Unified School District so that graduating students “would have the opportunity to spend some time in-person on campus with teachers and their peers during their last few weeks of high school… .”

Solomon says the union is currently surveying its teachers for volunteers to come in for the newly opened classes. “Though the survey is still open, we already know that there are enough educators who have stepped up to make this return happen,” Solomon said. “We are looking forward to seeing our students in person.”

The last day of the school year is Wednesday, June 2. The school district has yet to respond to a request for comment.

Currently, only San Francisco public elementary schools are open to all students for in-person learning. Middle and high schools have only brought back what the district calls “priority populations,” including newcomer and homeless students, foster youth, students in public housing, and those who have been languishing by showing limited engagement during remote learning.

After a highly contentious year in which the board of education was perceived to have been dragging its feet on reopening, the board passed a resolution in April to bring all students back full-time in the fall, and the district is now looking to hire a consultant to make that happen.

—Jon Brooks

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