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Banning the Ban

In a decision that mirrors many pro-gun rights arguments, a federal judge overturned California’s assault weapons ban that has been in effect for over 30 years.

While you were probably just beginning your weekend on Friday, Judge Roger Benitez issued a decision that reads like a pro-gun lobbying screed.

Benitez’s “Swiss Army Knife” reference was the first line of his decision, but he later touts how the “AR-15 is light in weight, and has good ergonomics, and is suitable for people of all statures and varying levels of strength.”

Oh, and the gun-loving judge points out how the AR-15 is a perfect tool for your militia.

Assault weapon manufacturers couldn’t have written a better decision themselves.

Immediately following the court’s announcement of course, California Attorney General Rob Bonta vowed to appeal the decision.

Looking at our newly-Trumpian highest court in the land, I don’t hold out much hope for things going Bonta’s way in the Supreme Court.

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