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The Great Unmasking…

California’s official unmasking is coming soon, but there may be some situations where you still want to wear a face mask.

Personally, I want to go without a face mask as much as possible – if for no other reason than to show unvaccinated people that you get to do normal things once you’re vaccinated.

Vaccines make life better, and not wearing a mask may be one of the best ways to demonstrate that.

Unfortunately, early in the pandemic then-President Trump politicized public health and turned face masks into a tribal symbol for his supporters and opponents.

There are, of course, plenty of caveats and reasons people may want to continue wearing masks even after restrictions are lifted, like if they are immunocompromised.

And though many people may keep wearing their face masks after California’s June 15 unmasking date, not wearing a mask is one of the easiest incentives we can offer to people who are still hesitant to get their shot.

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