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Armed Asian Women, Losing a Single Mom to COVID, Space Force for CA Teens

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‘I’m So Tired of Being Scared’: Two Asian American Women Explain Why They Bought a Gun This Year

Asian women experience harassment, assault, and discrimination almost three times more than men. The pandemic made that threat more obvious and more deadly. For some Asian women who were on the fence about buying guns for protection, the racist violence of the past year pushed them over the edge. Reporter Christine Nguyen tells us about two women from Southern California who are learning to shoot guns, and navigating the stigma around gun ownership within their families.

An Oakland Mom’s Death from COVID: How Two Women are Trying to Fill Her Shoes

It’s been painful to lose so many of our elderly to COVID-19. But there are also many families, especially Latinx families, grieving the deaths of those who are younger. In Oakland, Maribel Villanueva died from COVID-19 at age 46. She was a single mom and left behind a 10-year-old son, David. As part of our series remembering people who died from COVID, we hear from David’s aunt, Susana Torres, and his teacher, Mayra Alvarado, about how Maribel’s death called each of them to take on roles they never imagined. KQED’s Julia McEvoy has their story.

Space Force Lands in a California High School

What do you know about the U.S. Space Force? Maybe you know it’s America’s newest military branch. Maybe you watched the Netflix comedy series of the same name, starring Steve Carrell and John Malkovich. But did you know Space Force has landed right here in California? First at two Southern California Air Force Bases, and now at a Charter School that’s been chosen among a select few to pilot a new Space Force Junior ROTC program. The California Report’s Amanda Font has this story.

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