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Peaches Christ Announces the Winner of the KQED Homemade Film Festival

Peaches Christ has spoken! The final film for the KQED Homemade Film Festival has been announced and it’s Letter from Fukushima, a watercolor style animation created by filmmaker Yiran Wang.

Who is Peaches Christ? Your new crush of course! Peaches Christ is a filmmaker and cult leader living in San Francisco.  Her infamous movie events are self-produced at the Castro Theatre and regularly draw over 1,000 attendees to each new production before they tour.  Events have featured special guest stars John Waters, Cloris Leachman, Patricia Quinn, Nell Campbell, Linda Blair, Bruce Campbell, Apollonia, Barry Bostwick, Pam Grier, and more.  Peaches is the alter- ego of Joshua Grannell, the writer, and director of the feature film All About Evil. The award-winning dark comedy gore film stars Natasha Lyonne, Thomas Dekker, Cassandra Peterson, Mink Stole, and Peaches Christ herself. Peaches Christ has been featured in the films Milk, I Am Divine, Diary Of A Teenage Girl, Mansfield 66/67, Tura!, Scream Queen: My Nightmare On Elm Street, You Don’t Nomi, and more.

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