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Governor Newsom Extends Drought Emergency

Drought Conditions Worsen Across California

Governor Gavin Newsom is asking all Californians to voluntarily cut back their water usage by 15%, as drought conditions get worse across the state. The governor has also extended a drought emergency to 50 of California’s 58 counties.

Some California Power Plants Break Down During June’s Heat Wave

After California’s grid operator CAISO called for rolling blackouts last August, regulators extended the expiration date of four aging power plants. But they didn’t hold up during last month’s extended heat wave.Guest: Colby Bermel, Reporter with Politico

EDD Renews Controversial Contract With Bank of America

The state Employment Development Department is renewing a contract for Bank of America debit cards, which are used to get people their unemployment benefits.  Bank of America told legislators earlier this year it had lost “hundreds of millions” of dollars because of card hacks and other dysfunction related to the cards. Some Californians are now suing the bank.Reporter: Mary Franklin Harvin, The California Report

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