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California to Require State Employees, Health Care Workers to Show Proof of Vaccination

Health Care Workers, State Employees Will be Required to Show Proof of COVID Vaccination

In an order from Governor Gavin Newsom, state and health care workers will no longer be able to self attest that they’ve been vaccinated. Those who do not show proof of vaccination will be tested regularly for COVID-19 and have to wear a mask in the workplace.Reporter: Laura Klivans, KQED

Kern County Sheriff’s Deputy Among Those Killed Following Standoff in Wasco

Five people are dead following a long standoff at a home in Wasco.  Three people inside the home, believed to be the gunman’s sons and their mom were killed along with a Kern County Sheriff’s Deputy.Reporter: Soreath Hok, Valley Public Radio

Fire Victims Struggle to Rebuild in Southern California

As wildfires rage across much of Northern California, it’s a stark reminder that once they are contained, many families will have lost their homes. And the challenge to rebuild can take years, if those families stick it out.Reporter: Caleigh Wells, KCRW


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