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Portland’s hip-hop hype man DJ O.G. ONE shares the sounds of his city

For the past decade, DJ O.G. ONE (aka David Jackson) has served as the official gameday DJ for the Portland Trail Blazers. So if you live in Portland, the odds are good that you’ve likely bopped your head to the sounds of his music.

But his credentials run deeper than that. Since the early 1990s, O.G. ONE has been a central figure in Oregon music working as a producer, musician and radio host. He’s also the co-founder of Portland Hip Hop Week, a series of annual live events that celebrate the city’s hip-hop community. He’s currently organizing this year’s affair, which kicks off on August 20th.

“He was one of the artists out of [Portland] that were featured on [the music video show] 106 & Park on BET. If you haven’t seen this guy perform, you are in for a treat because his energy and his passion just pours out of his delivery.”

“He’s a pioneer. To me, he’s the most consistent artist, period, in this region. I mean his work speaks for itself-- not only just what he does in terms of records, but his investment in the community, his investment in creating platforms for other artists to elevate... through radio [and] putting on shows.”

“Wynne is the truth, man... just her as a woman, as a white woman at that, coming into a community where women are often kind of passed off to the side as not really being relevant or significant in the culture outside of being oversexualized or whatever.

[She’s] not afraid to address topics that people think about... everything from white privilege to where she lives. And she respects the art and craft so much and is good at it. There’s no gimmick about Wynne. I’m just loving to see her grow as a young woman and as a creative and I’m glad she represents this region.”

“If you’re in a bad mood after you hear that song, then they might have some medication for that because that song is so powerful. It’s just such feel good music. And again, the message speaks for itself.”

“They’re a legendary hip-hop group that has been around Portland for a while. They haven’t done a record in many years. So, to see them back together with a new project, they’re gonna be kicking off Hip Hop Week.... is going to be incredible.”

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