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Many Caldor Fire Evacuees Face Uncertain Future

South Lake Tahoe Residents Think About Future as Caldor Fire Approaches

Thousands of residents were forced to evacuate their homes in South Lake Tahoe this week because of dangerous conditions brought on by the Caldor Fire. If the fire does hit the city, many residents are wondering what they’ll return to when the fire is under control.Reporter: Ezra David Romero, KQED 

Possible Parole of Sirhan Sirhan Becomes Latest Controversial Topic in Recall Election

Another political hot potato has been tossed into the recall election that’s just two weeks away now. State parole board commissioners recently recommended that Sirhan Sirhan, who shot and killed Senator Robert Kennedy in Los Angeles in 1968, be paroled from prison. Reporters: Marisa Lagos and Scott Shafer, KQED 

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