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Monday Mix: Rosali, Chloe Moriondo, Phoebe Bridgers

Rosali Middleman has been a member of several notable Philly bands like Long Hots and Monocot, but lately she’s been making a statement as a solo artist. The singer wrote her new LP, “In Medium,” in 2019 while holed up in a farmhouse, which led to tracks like “Bones” that channel feelings of intimate isolation. Heartland outfit David Nance Group provide the backing on the song, along with a wailing guitar that perfectly matches Rosali’s deadpan vocals. The end result is a devastating anthem for the brokenhearted.

Detroit-based songwriter Chloe Morionda teamed up with bedroom-pop artist Mazie (aka Grace Christian) for the new single “Not Okay” which lends music to the simple, but powerful affirmation that “it’s okay, not to be okay.” Together they’ve created a song with an almost nursery rhyme musical sensibility. But the bubbly production of “Not Okay” hides subtly dark tones and even darker lyrics once you scratch just below its saccharine surface.

This hauntingly beautiful cover of Metallica’s classic “Nothing Else Matters” appears on the upcoming charity compilation “The Metallica Blacklist,” which features artists such as St. Vincent, Jason Isbell, J Balvin and many more (that project drops Sept. 10 digitally with physical editions available on Oct. 1). “I feel like my version almost sounds Baroque,” says Bridgers. “Literally, James [Hetfield] does all sorts of weird octave jumps and stuff that I can’t do, and I almost have a Billie Eilish approach of right by the microphone, performing it the opposite of them, which was really fun to lean into.”

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