Civil Liberties Lawyer Lauren Regan with the Civil Liberties Defense Center will be presenting workshops at HSU, starting tonight. This training and education will take place over several days throughout Humboldt County.

Know Your Rights will take place from 6-8 p.m., tonight at HSU in Goodwin Forum.

Digital Security for Activists training will be held in Founders Hall room 166, Friday at noon. 

Know Your Rights for Undocumented Community will take place in Founders Hall room 118, at 5:30 p.m. on Friday.

Immigrant Voices: Yolonda

Mar 6, 2018
James Floss

In this excerpt of Yolonda's story, she expresses her fear of her parents being deported and how that would affect her and her little brother. Her full story is at Immigrant Voices.

Point of Focus: Part I-The Fight For a Sanctuary County

Mar 5, 2018

The uncertainty with DACA--which stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals--is felt hard within the Humboldt immigrant community, and it's not just students feeling stuck. 

Immigrant Voices: Yolonda

Feb 8, 2018
James Floss

Immigrant Voices is a new program facilitated by James Floss that brings immigrant stories into your home, building bridges between cultures.

Yolonda (not her real name) shares her experiences as a 3-year HSU student and a "Dreamer". 

If you are undocumented and want to tell your story, email voces@khsu.org. 

DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is a program for students who were brought to this country as children–the Dreamers–who in most cases don’t know anywhere else as home.  HSU President Lisa Rossbacher is committed to all student success and says the university will continue doing all it can to help Dreamers succeed in school and become Humboldt alumni.  

 Humboldt State President Lisa Rossbacher released a statement today regarding the Trump Administration's decision to rescind the Delayed Action for Childhood Arrivals act, commonly known as DACA. 


Dear HSU Community,

We have a simple message today for Dreamers. Humboldt State University stands with you, and we care about you. We’re going to keep doing all we can to help you succeed in school and become Humboldt alumni.

Humboldt State University student Karla Sanchez waited in anticipation on what the Trump administration would decide to do to the DACA program.