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Humboldt Distillery's Weed-Infused Vodka


  As expected, the elephant in the Humboldt County living room has appeared in another Food for Thought episode. Cannabis infused vodka, AKA Humboldt’s Finest — like we all didn’t know it was coming. 

  "A big part of it is meeting consumer demand," says Abe Stevens of Humboldt Distillery. "Coming from Humboldt County, a lot of our consumers have certain expectations, and have often joked with us or hinted that they'd like us to add some of the local flavor... "

According to a press release from Humboldt Distillery: 

"Humboldt’s Finest uses local and legally grown hemp … which distinguishes it from marijuana by requiring a THC content of less than 0.3% on a dry weight basis. The food-grade hemp used for infusion is from some of the very first legally produced hemp crops in the country since prohibition." However, it does make us wonder if this is just a novelty item with a limited run, or if it will be a regular in a “traditional” Humboldt County gift box — cuddling up against a block of Loleta Cheese.

With all of the herbal essences that infuse various vodka brands these days, this could have some POTential — and get the idea that you will feel the psychoactive effects of Cannabis out of your head — there is only enough THC in the hemp (the very first legal batch grown in the U.S. following the 2014 Farm Bill) to barely register on the Cannabis Meter.  

So what is next for cannabis infusion?  I guess the better question is — what isn’t?