Jennifer Bell

The host and co-producer of the program, Jennifer Bell, has lived in Humboldt County for over 35 years and has had the opportunity to meet many of these hardworking, food loving people and decided to begin archiving interviews to share with the community. She enjoys cooking, canning, and eating good food!

Ways to Connect

Jennifer Bell discusses using local honey to craft delicious and elegant mead with Paul Leslie of Humboldt Honeywine.

  As expected, the elephant in the Humboldt County living room has appeared in another Food for Thought episode. Cannabis infused vodka, AKA Humboldt’s Finest — like we all didn’t know it was coming. 

  "A big part of it is meeting consumer demand," says Abe Stevens of Humboldt Distillery. "Coming from Humboldt County, a lot of our consumers have certain expectations, and have often joked with us or hinted that they'd like us to add some of the local flavor... "

According to a press release from Humboldt Distillery: