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Mark Lovelace Weighs in on the Mercer-Fraser Project

Mark Lovelace is a former Humboldt County Supervisor.  In this KHSU Magazine interview, Mark weighs in on the Mercer-Fraser rezoning proposal currently before the Board of Supervisors. 

Since leaving the Board of Supervisors, he has been working to help counties and cities to develop their own regulations and taxes for cannabis cultivation and manufacturing.

On January 11, 2018 the Humboldt County Planning Commissioned re-zoned a parcel owned by Mercer-Fraser on the Mad River from agricultural to heavy industrial. Mercer-Fraser, a paving contractor and engineering firm, is proposing the construction of a 5,000-square-foot cannabis extraction factory at their riverfront property near Glendale across the river from the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District’s pump station park and between two extraction wells, which provide drinking water to 88,000 residents in Arcata, Eureka, Cutten, Blue Lake, McKinleyville, Glendale, Fieldbrook, Manila and Samoa. Most of these cities are supporting an appeal by the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District of the rezoning.