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Charlando : Honoring and Respecting Women

Mar 13, 2019
Jessica Eden

Xochitl and Brenda talk with Anahi from Argentina about women's rights and about working to end violence against women.

Celebrating Mazatec Culture

Mar 8, 2019

Lessons from the Curanderas. Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Mazateca language.

Brenda Perez talks with Celeste Flores from Huatla, Oaxaca about culture, language and sharing botanical knowledge from community healers.

Charlando Con la Raza: Lalo Jaranas en La Frontera

Mar 7, 2019
Maine public radio

In the midst of continued militarism along the Mexican-U.S. border...

Charlando Con La Raza connects music, activism and humanity along the borderlands.

Mujeres Creando

On this segment of Charlando Con La Raza, Brenda Perez and Yojana Miraya discuss current socio-political dynamics around the world, womens rights and how to affect healthy, sustainable change toward more equality for all.

Charlando Con la Raza: The Politics of Community

Jan 21, 2019

Dispatch from the heart of Mexico.

Charlando hosts Yojana Miraya and Brenda Perez introduce us to Karmele Azcue. Karmele has lived a life of activism, beginning with her exposure to the Cuban Revolution at a young age. 

Having been part of struggles for fair elections and protests regarding U.S. interventions in Latin America, this conversation with Karmele inspires us to consider our current socio-political circumstances  - and what we may contribute toward a healthier community for all.

Ukiah Daily Journal

On this segment of Charlando Con La Raza, Brenda and Xochitl interview educator Juan Orozco. Juan is newly elected to the Ukiah city council and talks with the Charlando hosts about the importance of Latinx involvement in community politics.

Charlando: License to Proceed - Latinos for Cannabis

Nov 23, 2018
CannaVerse Solutions

Fany Guzman from Latinos for Cannabis joined the Charlando hosts for an engaging conversation.  They discussed recent success with certification and address the complex cannabis regulation landscape.

Latinos for Cannabis is committed to fostering a community-focused sustainable business model.

Food For People, Inc.

Juan Miranda, CalFresh Outreach Specialist, joined the Charlando Con La Raza crew to talk about CalFresh and Food For People services. 

Brenda Perez and Emily Velez of Centro Del Pueblo talk about SB 54, the California State Sanctuary Bill and Measure K - A sanctuary law for Humboldt County to enhance local control of our public safety dollars; expand community safety; and help keep families together.

Charlando: Journey 2 Justice

Aug 14, 2018
Dream Riders

The Dream Riders are back again with another campaign! They are riding their bicycles from Seattle (WA) to San Diego (CA) for 37 days to advocate for a pathway to citizenship for all non-citizens in this country. This includes all 11 million undocumented immigrants and 35,000 intercountry adoptees. 

Brenda and Xochitl talk with one of the Dream Riders as they approach the California border.

Brenda talks about culture, building community strength, medicine and overcoming stigmas around cannabis use with Fany and Clara from Latinos For Cannabis.

Charlando: On Site with Food For People

Aug 10, 2018
Jessica Eden

Food For People!

The Charlando hosts visit Food For People's main site in Eureka. Carly, Juan and Anne give a tour of FFP's hub of operations and discuss the extensive services provided throughout the northcoast region.

This episode of Charlando focuses on community empowerment.

Charlando hosts and guests share a wide ranging discussion: From recognizing small business opportunities for the Latinx community to honoring strength and building resilience in local Native communities.

Join the Charlando hosts for two engaging interviews about the immigrant experience. Marianne Pennekamp discusses immigration politics and human rights - and shares some of her experience as a young woman escaping Nazi influences in Europe. Then Paula from Centro Del Pueblo joins the conversation to share another perspective of the immigrant experience.

On this episode of Charlando, Marisol Ruiz, Associate Professor School of Education at HSU, joins the discussion to highlight research on bilingual education, effective teaching strategies and honoring language and culture.

On this episode of Charlando, Assistant Professor César Abarca joins Xochitl, Brenda and Yojana for a discussion about culture, politics and social justice. Cesar is a community organizer, scholar-activist, and urban farmer. 

Charlando: Politics, Pot, Prescriptions and Peace

Jun 8, 2018

Charlando Con La Raza takes on issues of the day - from politics to community challenges to hopes of peace. Join this dynamic discussion with Xochitl Cabrera, Brenda Perez and Yojana Miraya.

Charlando: Latinos For Cannabis

May 21, 2018

Brenda, Xochitl and Yojana talk with Fany Guzman from Latinos For Cannabis about culture, building community strength, medicine and overcoming stigmas around cannabis use.

Charlando: Perspectives from the Border

May 11, 2018

This week's Charlando Con La Raza takes on issues at the border. Daniel Castrejon joins the Charlando hosts for an in-depth, honest discussion on immigration and the situation at the California-Mexico border.

Charlando: Passions for Community

Apr 20, 2018
Jessica Eden

This week's Charlando Con La Raza features interviews with an HSU journalism student and Humboldt Baykeeper's Latino Outreach coordinator. Through their distinct disciplines, Jose Herrera and Jasmin Segura talk about passion for community work.

Charlando: Justice and Race in the USA

Apr 11, 2018

Xochitl, Brenda and Yojana discuss issues of justice and race locally and around the country.

How do we create positive change in our institutions and on the streets?

In a supremely difficult and divisive political landscape, how do we ensure justice and safety in our communities?

This week's Charlando Con La Raza takes on these challenging questions.

This installment of Charlando highlights the work of Cesar Chavez and discussion about the experience of  "culture" in the United States. Yojana and Brenda talk about expectations and surprises in their experiences living and studying here in the U.S.

Charlando: Art, Passion and Community

Mar 21, 2018
Jessica Eden

Brenda Perez and Yojana Miraya discuss issues of identity, community and the power of artistic expression.

From gathering signatures for a local sanctuary law to experiencing the North Coast Repertory Theatre's performance of The Tenth Muse, Brenda and Yojana explore local efforts to strengthen community.

Charlando Con La Raza: Tuesday at 7pm, Wednesday at 7am,  Saturday at 1pm on RADIO BILINGUE.

Jose Herrera

The Charlando crew discusses supporting families and individuals through relationships and community organizing - and working to address social, economic, and environmental injustice in our region.

Brenda Urueta from True North joined Xochitl Cabrera, Brenda Perez and Yojana Miraya to unpack nuances of current immigration policy and highlight International Women's Day.

Entrevista - Brenda Urueta:

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Social worker Elisa Bueno joins Xochitl and Brenda for a discussion about differences in the immigration experience over the past couple of decades. 

Then, Xochitl and Brenda take a deep dive into borderlands issues, addressing ethical questions around the deportation of Latino veterans.

Charlando is produced at Humboldt State University and airs on Radio Bilingue.

Entrevista Elisa Bueno:

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Fabian Almazan

Jazz phenom Fabian Almazan joins Brenda Perez for a discussion about Fabian's musical trajectory, his efforts to address socio-ecological issues through music, and the political challenges of our current times. 

Fabian Almazan & Rhizome will be performing Tuesday,  March 6th, on the HSU campus. For more information, check out the Redwood Jazz Alliance.

Entrevista - Brenda y Fabian:

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Charlando: Honoring Heritage and the Environment

Feb 20, 2018
Jessica Eden

This installment of Charlando Con La Raza takes on the importance of honoring and respecting one's heritage through language and culture. And, as always, the Charlando crew discusses celebrating our environmental connections.

Charlando: Sin Fronteras, Todos Conectados

Feb 15, 2018

This week's Charlando features two interviews. HSU environmental studies major, Sandra Sandoval discusses community organizing efforts in Humboldt County. Then, Jose Luis Segura Barragan joins the conversation from Michoacan, Mexico, to share his efforts to support communities in the region amidst violence and struggle.

Entrevista - Jose Luis Segura Barragan:

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Charlando: Governance and Recognizing Our Humanity

Feb 8, 2018
Jessica Eden

This week's Charlando Con La Raza takes on issues of immigration and governance. Plus, the Charlando crew introduces us to HSU student, Jonathan Pena.

Conocemos a Jonathan y discusion de gobernancia:

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The Charlando crew discusses current news topics, ecological frameworks and the legacy of renowned Chilean poet and physicist, Nicanor Parra.

Ecologia y apropriacion cultural:

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