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Through The Eyes of Women: Cannabis Evangelist Sharon Letts

Sharon Letts

Sharon Letts is a proud cannabis evangelist. It would be weird if she wasn’t, since she’s got every reason to believe she’s knocked her breast cancer into remission with it for five years.


“I also did away with 10 prescription medications for thyroid disease - 50% of all women in U.S. are diagnosed- , menopause, chronic pain from a partially disabled knee, and numerous meds and supplements for symptoms from all. I had taken Synthroid for 13 years when I started doing the cannabis oil treatment for my breast cancer. That was five years ago and I’m still off all meds, including sleeping pills, hormones, Valium, etc., and only use plant-based remedies. I have not had a headache, cold, or flu to speak of in as much time. At 57 I don’t get sick.”
Letts has built a career  writing about the mysterious and controversial plant in publications around the world, and educating people about the healing properties of cannabis and other herbs like chamomile.
In this episode, Letts Skypes into KHSU’s studios from sunny Baja California to talk about her life’s mission of spreading awareness and assistance, and her two new books “Cannaopolis” and “Humboldt Stories,” based upon her time in Humboldt County and focusing on her impressions of the cannabis culture that may or may not define this place. “Both stories are fiction based on factual stories from my time in Humboldt … My portrayal is a last peek into the covert world of farming cannabis, as the industry changes drastically."