Emma Breacain

Through The Eyes of Women host Emma Breacain is a west coast liberal pinko who likes travel, art, beaches and coffee. She runs a nonprofit that helps illiterate adults improve their skills, is heavily involved in the art and sport of kinetic sculpture racing, and she enjoys learning from people different from herself.

Look, we don’t want to spoil the ending to the first book in the new Superheroes Club series. We’ll just say that it’s about some kids who manage to perform deeds that are both legitimately heroic, and attainable for the kids reading about them. Ta-da! 

In this conversation, Sherak talks about developing the Superheroes Club and sharing them with her three children and ten grandchildren.

We’re always mystified. Even though we’ve all experienced it. One day you’ve got a great relationship with a person who makes you feel like you could fly if you set your mind to it, then suddenly a switch has been flipped. Nothing you’re doing is right. You’re second guessing it all, desperate to fix it. Have you failed with this relationship? Are you unfit for society? Doomed to a life of lonely ineptitude? Or have you met a hijackal?

There are so many things we know we should be doing. We can be better. We have to become better! Who doesn’t want a healthy body, a happy family, a fulfilling career, an organized home, and a passion project brought to fruition?

Humboldt’s beloved bestselling author, artist, independent bookstore co-owner and cocktail gardening proponent, Amy Stewart, is currently on tour with the third in her hit Kopp Sisters series, “Miss Kopp’s Midnight Confessions.”

We have the best of intentions. We do. We can declare our love. We can promise to always be there. Sometimes we might even promise to always do the dishes when our partner cooks. And of course, we mean it when we say it.

But are you willing to back that up in writing, partner?

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Perhaps you've noticed some of your friends urging you to call elected officials and let them hear your opinions on current affairs and actions by our government. 

Seven billion humans on planet Earth, and we’re struggling to feed them, but that doesn’t stop women who opt out of motherhood from being viewed with suspicion, scorn and pity.

How have these women resisted the biological and social imperatives to get out there and make more and more babies? 

 In her new book “The Tolerance Trap: How God, Genes and Good Intentions are Sabotaging Gay Equality,” Walters analyzes the journey toward “full citizenship” for gay people with equal parts hope and cynicism. Her message, that while society and government are making exciting, incremental steps toward real progress, “we’re not ‘there’ yet.”

Sharon Letts is a proud cannabis evangelist. It would be weird if she wasn’t, since she’s got every reason to believe she’s knocked her breast cancer into remission with it for five years.


Kathleen Marshall is a working woman with a family and many interests including dancing, carpentry, biking, and being an all-around doer and liver of life.

So it seemed particularly unfair when she was diagnosed with chronic, invisible illness as a newlywed and young mom who had just completed her nursing degree and begun a brand new job as a nurse.


So have you heard of this thing called a multigenerational center?  

Some towns have them, maybe even yours. It’s a community-based resource center inviting folks of all ages to come on down for various activities and classes, some grouped by age, some all together.

The idea is that it’s free fun for all, with an undercurrent of sharing across age groups that may expand all our horizons. More fun, less “they just don’t get us.” And it may be taking hold!

Many of us think of prostitution as a victimless crime. And many of us think of sex trafficking as a thing that happens in places far away, to people who look different from us. Most of us agree it has nothing to do with us personally, right?