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VIDEO: Arcata Police Urge Witnesses to Come Forward in Lawson Murder

Michelle-Charmaine Lawson, mother of Humboldt State University student David Josiah Lawson who was killed at a party in Arcata in April, held up a poster of her son. She stood among Arcata Police Chief Tom Chapman, Arcata mayor and  Susan Ornelas and Vice Mayor Sofia Pereira, and other community members. Charmaine spoke into the microphone and expressed her worry for the next few months.

“There is a murderer in our community. Our students are not safe. Our students will be back in less than a month. Our students are not safe,” she said.

She encouraged others to reach out and help bring justice for her son, which is something the Arcata Police Department emphasized as one of the most important things to do now. Arcata Police Chief Tom Chapman, who spoke prior to Lawson said they are not only working with their sister agencies, like the Eureka Police Department but are also working with the Department of Justice for forensic analysis. According to Chapman, the Department of Justice is investigating a knife and clothing found at the scene of the murder. Both items are seen as high priority within the investigation.

“This process is not quick and we’re still waiting for results,” Chapman said. “We’re pushing forward as more leads come in. It is important to stress that doesn’t mean we’re standing idly by.” 
Chapman continued to say that party attendees could have more information than they think and the importance of witnesses continued to be vital in the investigation. 
“Maybe they don’t know what they know or don’t know,” Chapman said. “Individuals who may or may not have seen (what happened) are a piece of a puzzle that we’re trying to fit together. The value of that can’t be understated.” 
Lawson ended the press conference by stating that she would be back in Arcata in several weeks to work with the city and local law enforcement as well the community.
“We’re going to continue pushing,’ she said. “We’re going to get that justice.”

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