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Artwaves: Rebooting the Humboldt Alliance For Arts Eduction


The advocacy group Humboldt Alliance for Arts Education is relaunching Friday, as a response to ongoing factors on the statewide political horizon that affect arts education in schools. 

We have dynamic arts programs all over the county," Visual and Performing Arts Program Manager for Humboldt County Office of Education Stacy Young tells Wendy Butler. But "at the county level, [Humboldt is] considered under the average" for arts education. It could be a data entry issue, or indicative of a wider predicament, says Young. 

She cites The Arts Education Data Project, a new interactive website which allows parents to drill down and see at the class level what's being offered in your child's school and district.

The HAFEA officially relaunches Friday with a networking session from 3:30-5:00 pm at the Morris Graves Museum of Art.  to discuss the importance of arts education in Humboldt county schools.

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