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Remembering The Treehouse Swing's Dave Hamlin

Dave Hamlin

We're sad to announce the passing of jazz host Dave Hamlin. He shared his knowledge of music of the 1920’s through 1950’s with co-host DJ Ruffabilly during Wednesday evening's The Treehouse Swing

Dave Hamlin

Originally from Illinois and a lifelong collector of recorded music, Dave grew up in the jazz and blues record shops of Chicago. His love of recording became a full-time passion of restoring vintage pre-1950's Jazz recordings into modern formats. After moving to the west coast in the mid -1980's his skills as a recording engineer led him to public radio. 

Hamlin began volunteering with KHSU in 1995 before moving east to Salyer where he volunteered for 14 years at KIDE in Hoopa. He presented a mix of soul music from the 1950’s onward. Hamlin was a soft-spoken, gentle man who was always thrilled to discuss music, recording technology, and 78s with anyone. 
Treehouse Swing co-host DJ Ruffabilly played a selection of Dave Hamlin's favorites last night, and announced a forthcoming deep-dive tribute to Dave sometime within the next two weeks.
We were lucky to have him at KHSU. He will be missed by all of us.


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