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Oh Honey! Classes on Beekeeping Coming

Some get started for the honey - others for the pollination potential. Home beekeepers have a number of reasons for starting the hobby, but as they grow into full-fledged apiarists, they may find their interests change and deepen.  Home beekeepers learn about the lives of their hives, the meditative experience of watching their bees at work and how they can keep their hives thriving.



Beekeepers Dick LaForge and Jeannine Kaprielian are two of the four beekleepers who teach the Practical Beekeeping and Advanced Practical Beekeeping classes through Humboldt State University's College of Extended Education and Global Engagement.

Kaprielian and LaForge discussed the classes and the experience of learning to be a beekeeper on the KHSU Magazine with host David Reed.

The beginning class series begins February 11th.  

The advanced classes begin February 17th. The class fee is $160 for either series.

Information is at the HSU Extended Ed website.

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