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Photo by Sam Armanino / North Coast Journal

After twenty-five years in the kitchen, perfecting the treats at one of Old Town Eureka's traditional chocoate shops, Kenny Buntin is taking the helm. Jennifer Fumiko Cahill talks about her article on the journey Buntin took to own Kenny's Chocolates.

KHSU listeners raised more than $3250 for the station in just over an hour to meet the Wildberries Food Challenge Friday morning.

Listener contributions were matched dollar-for-dollar by Wildberries Marketplace and are given in food to Food for People. The food donations are used to supply Food for People's "Backpacks for Kids" weekend food program for school aged children facing food insecurity.

Thank you everyone who helped us make this goal!

North Coast Journal

They became local internet celebrities last year, the barn owls in the belfry of the Old Steeple music venue in Ferndale. But the most recent brood of owlets met tragedy earlier ths year and now only Truman, the mother owl remains.  The North Coast Journal's Thad Greenson previews Kimberley Wear's story on what happened to the owls and what that means for wildlife.

Jennifer Fumiko Cahill shares the story by Steven Saint in the most recent Journal about the boom and bust of worldwide quinoa production and how it reached the small organic farmers of Humboldt County.

If you are an artist or in a creative field, you may find that you come up against blocks in how you create or do your best work.  A new workshop series hopes to help jump start your creative process.

Facilitator and counsellor Susan Abbot talked with the KHSU Magazine about her "Artists Way" workshops starting October 11th and a series of workshops on promoting artists' work, "Public Relations and Social Media for Visual artists."

If a book be false in its facts, disprove them; if false in its reasoning, refute it. But for God's sake, let us freely hear both sides if we choose.--Thomas Jefferson, 3rd US president, architect, and author (1743-1826)


"They really love this work. There are a lot of hard things about it -- it doesn't pay terrifically -- but they really love it. And I think its largely because they are people people." North Coast Journal editor Jennifer Fumiko Cahill, talks about the restauarant and bar servers she spoke to for the cover story in this week's issue, "Dishing it Out."

Surly customers, great experiences, bad tips, and a love of people, Fumiko Cahill previews it all. Oh, and no touching...ever.

Malina Syvoravong for the North Coast Journal

No more, "sad chicken because I'm not going out tonight," says Jennifer Fumiko Cahill on a food feature in the latest edition of the North Coast Journal. Writer Malina Syvoravong gives some simple steps to getting restaurant-worthy chicken with just a little more work than it takes to open a package in her, "The Bird and the Brine."

Northcoast Journal

The worldwide phenomenon that is Coastal Cleanup Day is 40 years old this year. On the cover of the North Coast Journal this week, Joe Abbott tells his story and the story of the beginnings of what would become Coastal Cleanup Day on the beaches of Manila in 1977.

North Coast Journal News Editor Thad Greenson previews Kristin Kirby's cover story on turmoil at KHSU and how Humboldt State University, listeners and the community hope to chart its future.

Editor Jennifer Fumiko Cahill talks about the return of Kentucky Fried Chicken to Eureka. The fast food franchise has been in the city before, this is the third location. Fumiko Cahill gives a window into the costs of fast food franchise ownership and the re-purposing of Broadway's ill-fated Blue Heron Motel property.

What do the 100 most beloved books  say about who we are? "The Great American Read " is a new PBS series that answers that question and more. PBS North Coast (KEET) kicks off the eight-part series with a sneak preview in the Eureka Theater on September 11th starting at 6 pm.

Alexander Woodward for North Coast Journal

The Eureka Street Art Festival is a memory now, but the work of the 20-plus artists lives on in Opera Alley and elsewhere in Eureka. The North Coast Journal's Jennifer Fumiko Cahill talks about the festival, the Journal's virtual tour of the artwork, and freelance writer/photographer Alexander Woodward's cover story in this week's Journal.

Goodbye Vinny

Jun 27, 2018
Photo: Katie Whiteside

Friends and family of Gregg "Vinny" DeVaney were gathered around him as he reached the end of a journey with brain cancer June 26th, 2018.

KHSU aired a special program this Wednesday, June 27th, in the former Fogou time slot, honoring DeVaney and his unique, beloved radio show.

Hosted by Gus Mozart, the program featured archived pieces from Fogou through the last 20 years.

Everyone at KHSU is thankful to have spent time on the planet with Gregg. His friends and colleagues were all touched by his life, his love and his spirit.

He is a generous, beloved soul.  

Catherine Wilkes Photography

The concept of race as we know it today is a fairly recent invention and has been used to exploit certain groups of people: Blacks, Native Americans, Mexican Americans and Asian Americans. That is the jumping off point in a continuing discussion on race hosted by Humboldt Area Foundation  (HAF) and the Equity Alliance for the North Coast.

Tina Kerrigan Photography/Stacey Wheeler

The Kinetic Grand Championship runs its 50th race Memorial Day weekend 2018.  The event's fun and fabulous Pageantry Competition will be on it's own day, Friday May 25th  from 6 to 10 p.m at the Arcata Community Center.

Kati Texas, 2008 Rutabaga Queen and Kinetic Universe member talks with David Reed about the reason for the additional day's events, places for spectators to see the racers and the "Invisable Ticket," 

Evan Mills, Brookings Institution

In low- and medium-income communities around the world, households use solid fuels and other "dirtier" fuels for basic energy needs like lighting, cooking and heating. 

Nick Lam, research scientist at the Schatz Energy Research Center previewed his talk about how scientific measurement  can help change peoples lives, improve energy access, and improve the overall environment.

Laura Munoz from DellArte School of Physical Theater talks about the performance event "One Minute Dances," happening at the Redwood Raks dance studio February 23rd and 24th.

The event features dance, physical theater, spoken word and more, all in 60 second performances.

The event is February 23rd and 24th beginning at 8 p.m. at Redwood Raks Dance Studio, 824 L Street, Arcata.

More information is on Facebook.

Reservations can be made at 707-616-6876.

Michael Dronkers

Most of us wake up to her voice.  In this interview, KHSU's Natalya Estrada talks about what it takes to bring you Morning Edition each day.  Plus, we ask about her morning rituals, listener calls and get a peek at her inner nerd.

(Originally published in the KHSU Sustainer newsletter December 2017)


A quarter-acre fire is burning in the community forest behind Humboldt State University. Arcata Fire and CalFire are responding and the fire is controlled. The Lumberjack is following the story

HSU E-Learning and Extended Education

California grows and bottles 90% of the wine the U.S. drinks, and Humboldt County's wine industry has grown in the last two decades. HSU's Office of E-Learning and Extended Education begins its second semester of the Wine Studies Certificate Program February 25th.

Charges of inciting a riot against Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!, have been rejected by a U.S. District Court judge. The charges were leveled while Goodman was covering protests of the Dakota access pipeline.

Democracy Now paid tribute to reporter John Ross and spoke with Norm Stockwell, co-editor of "Rebel Reporting," a new book that captures some of the lectures Ross gave to journalism students to teach them how to cover stories and create change. The full title is “Rebel Reporting: John Ross Speaks to Independent Journalists." John Ross was a frequent guest and contributor to KHSU in the 1980s and '90s

The New KHSU.org

May 3, 2016

Welcome to KHSU's new website!

We are building a KHSU.org that is more useful and useable.  There are several features still to come, but already we have more ways to listen, connect and get more from your station.

Features to Discover: