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EcoNews Report: Trump Predictions from Kalt, Lovelace, and Wheeler

If you're an environmentalist, you may be trying to digest what the Trump administration will do. 

"The tea leaves don't look good, in terms of the people that are closest to him, "says Tom Wheeler of EPIC.

Jennifer Kalt, Director of Humboldt Baykeeper, hosts a discussion of what the Trump presidency might look like from an environmental standpoint. 

Humboldt County supervisor Mark Lovelace believes Trump's expressed desire to make government more efficient is counterintuitive. "If your goal is to cut down the number of federal employees so they can't hold up work, well, fewer people trying to process the same number of permits and approvals for projects of whatever kind, slows down the process." 

Will climate change be a priority for Trump? Wheeler has his doubts. "If he's successful in his vision of America, it's getting coal power plants back, new coal power plants, and really investing in that form of energy." 

The EcoNews Report is presented by the Northcoast Environmental Center. Check out the EcoNews Report Archives here.

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