Immigrant Voices - Alejandro

Mar 8, 2018
James Floss

In this segment of Alejandro's story, he discusses the importance of family and talks fondly of his father. Find his full story at Immigrant Voices.  

Translated from Spanish and voiced by Ulyses Dorantes.

Social worker Elisa Bueno joins Xochitl and Brenda for a discussion about differences in the immigration experience over the past couple of decades. 

Then, Xochitl and Brenda take a deep dive into borderlands issues, addressing ethical questions around the deportation of Latino veterans.

Charlando is produced at Humboldt State University and airs on Radio Bilingue.

Entrevista Elisa Bueno:

Full show:

Immigrant Voices - Alejandro

Mar 6, 2018
James Floss

Meet Alejandro, Immigrant Voices' second guest. He discusses why he came here, the difficulties of finding meaningful work, his involvement with his community and his love for his family.  

Translated from Spanish and voiced by Ulyses Dorantes.

Jessica Eden

This week's Charlando Con La Raza takes on issues of immigration and governance. Plus, the Charlando crew introduces us to HSU student, Jonathan Pena.

Conocemos a Jonathan y discusion de gobernancia:

Full Show:

We have the best of intentions. We do. We can declare our love. We can promise to always be there. Sometimes we might even promise to always do the dishes when our partner cooks. And of course, we mean it when we say it.

But are you willing to back that up in writing, partner?

Darcy Brown and Lin Glen

It's always good to be prepared for an earthquake and your children can help. "Sofie and Daniel Get Ready for Earthquakes" is a picture book created by author Lin Glen and illustrator Darcy Brown. This book was written for parents to read to their children to help them understand earthquake and perhaps ease their fears. There will be a book signing on Friday, October 14 at Northtown Books beginning at 7 p.m.

Food For Thought

Jennifer Bell discusses the future of sustainable agriculture and young farmers with local educator and farmer, Alissa Sarvinski.