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Through The Eyes of Women: Multi-Generational Center's Angelique Hennessy

So have you heard of this thing called a multigenerational center?  

Some towns have them, maybe even yours. It’s a community-based resource center inviting folks of all ages to come on down for various activities and classes, some grouped by age, some all together.

The idea is that it’s free fun for all, with an undercurrent of sharing across age groups that may expand all our horizons. More fun, less “they just don’t get us.” And it may be taking hold!

The folks at the Eel River Valley Multigenerational Center in Fortuna did extensive research and surveying to determine what they should provide. And lo! Some of those things are art therapy, theater classes, puppet shows and photography contests spearheaded by Program Coordinator Angelique Hennessy. 


"The MGC is a community center of sorts in Fortuna that focuses on  fostering communication and respect through different generations," says Hennessy. "Once you get them together in the same room doing something really fun, they realize that they have a lot more in common than they think they do." 

Hennessy grew up in Los Angeles and developed a strong affinity for Hollywood’s golden era and a good gut for avoiding skeevy casting directors, leading her to work as a model and award winning actress.
Now residing in the wooly wilds of Northern California, Hennessy shares her love for performance and art with the kids and adults of the MGC with drama club, summer day camp, and other creative good times.


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