Michael Roccaforte

Ops Coordinator & Evening News Host

Michael Roccaforte is a KHSU Operations Coordinator and hosts the World and All Things Considered. He started out as a KHSU Experience student in 2015. He then graduated from HSU in 2016 with a Journalism degree and is happy to be working in Humboldt County at KHSU since. 

On the next Thursday Night Talk, is Humboldt undergoing a, "housing crisis?" And if so, what can be done about it? Rob Holmlund, Director of Development Services at the City of Eureka, and David Loya, Director of Community Development for Arcata, join host Tom Wheeler to talk about how Humboldt can build more housing. Tune in this Thursday, October 4th here on KHSU.


Michael Roccaforte sits down with Erik Rydberg and Louis Gordon from the group, "Vote No on Measure M," for an interview about the issues behind the statue of President William McKinley on the Arcata Plaza.

  In real time, have the hashtagged movements #TimesUp, #Me Too, #WhyIdidntReport and #WeBelieveSurvivors just shine spotlights on powerful men? Or do they begin to uproot the core of patriarchy & sexism? This time on Thursday Night Talk join Brenda Starr and her guests Julie Fulkerson, Wisahgec Cutcha Baldy, Terry Uyeki and Sue Hilton as they discuss and judge those questions on KHSU.










In late August of 2018, protestors briefly halted work at the Humboldt Redwood Company's mill in Scotia. Tom Wheeler hosted Thursday Night Talk on Sept. 06 to examine whether this is a new skirmish in the Timber War and whether there was ever a Timber War to begin with. Wheeler's guests include Greg King, Executive Director of the Siskiyou Land Conservancy, Darren Speece, historian and author of Defending Giants: The Redwood Wars and the Transformation of American Environmental Politics, and Rob DiPerna of the Enivornmental Protection and Information Center (EPIC.)

On this week's Thursday Night Talk, Yana Valachovic spoke with three regional scientists to help us understand what is really going on with wildfire in California. The Carr, Mendocino Complex, Wine Country, Ferguson and Thomas Fires have burned homes in unexpected places, taken many lives, filled our skies with smoke, and for many leads to the question of what can be done?  Together they explored whether or not this is the “new normal” and what we can do to become better fire adapted.

**Update 8-14 10:00 am: Calfire has confirmed the death of one firefighter who was working on the Ranch Fire. It is the first fatality recorded in the Mendocino Complex Fires.                                                            

With fire season raging on, containment efforts have begun to make progress. However, the state’s two largest fires, The Mendocino Compex Fire and the Carr Fire, both grew in size over the weekend. Hot, dry conditions as well as gusty winds led to the spread of these fires.

Local labor and political activist Allen McCloskey joined Eric Kirk to discuss the current state of Humboldt County politics as we move into the fall election season on the August 9th Episode of Thursday Night Talk on KHSU. Listen below: 

While the Carr Fire and Mendocino Complex fires continue to grow, residents of some areas are being allowed to return to their homes.

I. The Carr Fire is up 115,538 acres and is creeping into Trinity County. The National Interagency Fire Center, or NIFC, posted an interactive map showing areas that are free to be repopulated, and those still under mandatory evacuation. This post contains the map as of 4:30 PM, however the live, interactive map can be found here. Green areas are ready to be repopulated and red areas are under mandatory evacuations. The map shows, and the Trinity Journal has reported, that the town of Lewiston in Trinity County is under mandatory evacuation and the evacuation zone is coming close to Weaverville.

Will Klamath dam removal continue to move forward during the Trump administration? Tom Wheeler hosted Thursday Night Talk alongside guests Craig Tucker and Mike Belchik. They discussed the largest planned dam removal in human history and potential obstacles along the way. 

The Northcoast Unified Airquality Management District has issued another announcement regarding smoky conditions affecting air quality due to multiple fires burning in Northern California and Southern Oregon. Impacted areas generally lie inland, with quality ranging from “moderate,” to “unhealthy” to “unhealthy for sensitive groups,” for people with resperitory problems and other medical conditions.

The North Coast Unified Air Quality Management District has issued the following public service announcement due to multiple fires burning in or around our listening area.  

The Carr Fire east of Weaverville in Shasta County may present widespread haze to theTrinity Center, Lewiston, and Weaverville areas.