New Wind Farm Off Humboldt's Coast?

Jul 18, 2018
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Thursday Night Talk explores the Redwood Coast Energy Authority's proposal to put a floating offshore wind farm off Humboldt's coast. The proposal, which would place floating wind turbines ~20-24 miles offcoast, would generate enough power to light all of Humboldt. Guests Lori Biodini of the Redwood Coast Energy Authority and Jen Kalt of Humboldt Baykeeper discuss the proposal and potential environmental impacts, both positive and negative.

For more information, please visit the Redwood Coast Energy Authority's website.


The HSU Sustainable Futures Speaker Series presents Jana Ganion, Sustainability Director of the Blue Lake Rancheria, and Peter Lehman, Founding Director of the Schatz Energy Resoures Center with their lecture tonight titled "Greening the Grid and Improving Resilience: The Blue Lake Rancheria Microgrid.

Ganion and Lehman discuss the process they went through to make this microgrid work for the Blue Lake Rancheria on the KHSU Magazine .  

“Microgrids are in vogue now.  A lot of people are interested in exploring them for the resilience for the emergency power they can provide, but also a way to rapidly infuse the grid with greener forms of energy,” explains Ganion.

The lecture takes place tonight at 5:30 in Founders Hall room 118.

Lisa Rossbacher

Dr. Lisa Rossbacher shares an excellent expression of Humboldt State University's graduation pledge through an HSU graduate and his sister's efforts with Klean Kanteen. 

To Catch the Rain, Lonny Grafman

Jan 19, 2018
Danielle Orr

To Catch the Rain is the new book authored by Humboldt State University Lecturer, Lonny Grafman. The book is about communities coming together to literally, catch the rain! Lonny joined Danielle Orr in the KHSU studios during the KHSU Magazine to talk about the book and kickstarter campaign for the book, which at the time of the interview was in it's final hours.

The kickstarter campaign hit their goal as I post this to the website!! Congratulations Lonny!!

Tiffany Perez / Northcoast Environmental Center

This fall, Humboldt State University partnered with the City of Arcata to adopt Zagster, a bike rental program that allows users to borrow bikes for the day. The Office of Sustainability’s Climate Action Analyst Morgan King explains the bike share and how it ties into the university’s Climate Action Plan.

Watering Your Landscape With Laundry Water

Jul 18, 2017

Laura Allen of Greywater Action and author of Greywater Green Landscape, is conducting a Greywater Workshop: Laundry to Landscape on Saturday, July 22 in Bayside. She came by the KHSU Magazine to talk about How to Conserve, Capture, and Reuse Water in Your Home and Landscape.

Dr. Lisa Rossbacher discusses Humboldt State University's commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement and on-going campus efforts to expand the culture of sustainability.

On this week's Food For Thought, Jennifer Bell talks with Karen Brooks about growing copious amounts of produce  - and career opportunities - through the Humboldt County Office of Education's Hydrofarm.

Rhonda Weidenbeck of Beck's Bakery joins Jennifer Bell to talk about the delights of a local seaweed harvest.

  With HSU graduation coming up next week, preparations for the annual HSU Donation Dash are underway to collect and recycle would-be trash as hundreds of students moving out of campus residence halls donate tons of household items, and office and school supplies to local nonprofits.

Honoring Mother Earth the Humboldt Way

Apr 9, 2017

Founder and executive director of Humboldt Green Week, Stephen Gieder stopped by the studio to visit KHSU Magazine host Brian Curtis. From what started out as a community gathering, has grown into a long week of exciting events in honor of the cannabis holiday 4/20 and Earth Day. 

This year marks the 11th year of Humboldt Green Week kicking off with their first event on April 14th, 2017 and their last event on April 23rd, 2017. Humboldt Green Week showcases local businesses, supports non profits, and celebrates the passion for gardening, the arts, and live music.  For more information, you can log onto or

Jennifer Bell and Stephanie Alexandre continue their conversation about sustainable farming practices, nutrition and the Alexandre Family Farm egg business.

Stephanie Alexandre from Alexandre Family Farm joined Jennifer Bell to discuss sustainable organic farming practices, nutritional education and environmental stewardship.


One of the world’s most popular musical instruments is not always the most environmentally friendly.

Guitars are made from some of the rarest woods on Earth, and they grow in parts of the world hit hard by deforestation. So some U.S. guitar makers are starting to look elsewhere for their wood supplies. And one day, they hope to shop in the Pacific Northwest.

Food For Thought

Jennifer Bell talks with Jeff St John of Dutch & Dewey Distillery about Horse Mountain Dry Gin and other handcrafted beverages from his innovative off-the-grid distillery.

Food For Thought

Jennifer Bell talks with Jeff St. John of Dutch & Dewey Distillery and Rocky's Ridge Vineyard about his farming heritage and continuing to use sustainable practices to craft specialty beverages.

Food For Thought

Jennifer Bell continues her discussion on the harvest of fresh sea veggies with naturalist Allison Poklemba.

Food For Thought

On today’s Food For Thought, Jennifer Bell discusses the sustainable harvest of fresh sea veggies with naturalist Allison Poklemba.

In less than two years, Shane and Linda have transformed this intimate urban space in Sunny Brea into a community beacon that inspires neighbors to seek a more conscientious way of life.  The Humboldt Permaculture Guild invites the community to a tour of this urban homestead in Arcata on Tuesday August 2nd at 5:30.   Book your spot at  


Food For Thought

Juliette Bohn, sustainability project consultant,  joins Jennifer Bell to discuss exciting new initiatives and methods to deal food waste in environmentally sound ways.

Marlon Gil talked to the Homepage about the upcoming Humboldt Permaculture Guild tour of a homestead in Bayside -- Tuesday, July 5 at 5:30 as part of its summer series. Gil discussed the virtues of grafting new fruit varieties onto existing fruit trees and explains how guests will learn a few tips during this tour. 

Humboldt State University President, Dr. Lisa Rossbacher discusses student-led projects that promote energy independence on campus. 

Photo University of California Agriculture

On the May 12th Thursday Night Talk, explore the burgeoning bio-energy market with our newest host, Yana Valachovic from the University of California Extension. Yana’s guests will follow the movement of wood from the forest, to the generation of electricity --